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1. Meet Bob. Bob would like to know if it difficult to hide naughty pics from his wife. "I have pictures of my past lovers on a SD card, some of them naked and others posing inappropriately. How do I keep them from my wife? I love my wife, but I want to keep my fond memories, I don't want to give them up.

Well Bob no more sad faces for you, thanks to you no longer have to hide your SD card and hope your wife doesn't discover it. allows you to store your 'Fond memories' discreetly in the Cloud/online where no one can accidently stumble across it, AND you now have access to your 'memories' wherever you are, just sign on using any PC, laptop or smart phone, and view those 'memories' to your hearts content.

Apps for storing adult content

2. I have looked at all the apps available that allow you to store private pic, but they all seem not to work. Some fail to be truly private, while others don't seem to have a good viewer or slideshow option. But now thanks to, "I don't need no stinking app". I just store my pics in the Cloud/online where I have access to them using my smart phone, AND I also have the option of using any other computer to view them where ever I am, 24/7. That, what a website. saved my relationship. I have been with my current girlfriend for eight months and we both use my Net Book which had my porn on it. My girl was always stumbling onto it and was always making a big deal out of it, but now my porn is stored in the cloud where I have access to it 24/7, my Net Book is porn free, and my girl thinks I got rid of all my porn. Win, win, thanks

Saving explicit pictures on your phone?

3. So there was once a guy and he was dating the girl of his dreams since February, one day she came across some nude pics of his friends on his phone and she asked him to delete which he did. But in November she came across some nude pics of his friends that he got in October, now she is someone else's dream girl. The moral of the story? Using to store the pictures on your phone safely and securely in the Cloud/online, where you have access to 24/7 will ensure your dream girl remains your dream girl.

Hiding pics of your ex?

4. I just found out recently that my boyfriend keeps a folder with picture of his ex that he downloaded from her facebook account on his computer. Now if he had used like I do to hide the pics I don't want him to see in the Cloud/online, he wouldn't be out right now buying me a car., my best kept secret.