Does Your Boyfriend or Husband Stare at Other Women? Can A Wandering Eye Strengthen Your Relationship?

Is looking or staring at other women disrespectful?

Why Do Men Stare At Women? If you are a woman and have ever been at a party, a club, or simply walking down the street and have found a man staring at you in that creepy offensive way that makes you feel like a prime piece of meat on a butchers hook then you aren't alone. Almost every woman at some point in their life finds themselves being visually assaulted by some man. Perhaps, understanding why these men choose to stare and women will help you to deal with assaults without feeling the need to run screaming from the scene.

All Men Look

First you need to understand that all men look, it is simply a part of their nature. However, while it is normal and natural for all men to glance at women who is within their field of vision, most men don't feel the need to stare with those unblinking eyes or for long periods of time. Those men who do stare, actually often do so out of fear.

Fear of Rejection

Some men grow up fearing if they approach a woman that they will be rejected. So in the beginning that stare is really just a man sizing up his chances of whether his approaching will be accepted or rejected, however, since these men all ready see themselves as losers they can't bring themselves to actually move on and approach a woman to try and make real conversation. So, they continue to stare in the hopes that the woman in question will notice them, and they do get noticed, but all the wrong reasons.

These men continue to stare, until that stare becomes creepy and even threatening because they simply can't force themselves to find another way to try and connect. To make matters worse in the end these men don't just end up staring at women they find attractive or intriguing, they stare at any and all women simply hoping to gain any feminine attention.

Nothing To Lose

The simple fact is that these losers continue to stare simply because they know can get away with it. While most women feel terribly uncomfortable to have these men stare them in such an intense way, they also hesitate to confront these men because of the uncomfortable feeling they have, close proximity to this kind of jerk is the last thing they want. Instead, women normally suffer in silence and remove themselves from the vicinity as quickly as possible. Left unchecked, these men continue to stare at every woman they meet, hoping for the attention they are really longing for.

Ask Dr. Phil "Men are visually stimulated, which means if they are in a target-rich environment, they may well become aroused. This is not just a maturity issue; their brains are actually wired that way"

"If a woman could spend a day inside a man's mind, would she be disgusted and horrified to find out just how much he actually thinks of sex? Would a wife, for instance, end up thinking her husband is a pervert? Probably. That's how much the male mind focuses on sex.

The truth is, though: your husband is NOT a pervert. He is a man and, like every other man, his sexuality is quite simple to understand."

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