Why Do Some Men Pay For Sex?

With so many women sexually active and sleeping with different men, why do men still want to pay for sex when they can have it for free?

Most people are of the opinion that any man who pays for sex must either be a pervert or so homely that the only way he can have sex is if he pays for it. But then again the question of whether sex is really free for a man can be answered in one word "No" since there is always a price to be paid whether it is big or small.

There are many good looking men out there who could have any woman they wanted, but prefer to see an escort than having a regular girlfriend to settle down with and enjoy life. When asked as to why they prefer to spend on a woman, who does not care for them, for company or to have sex, most feel that these women bring no emotional baggage to the table nor the bed and that they do not have to listen to their problems while they feel free to talk about theirs. Also most are also good at giving sex and all it costs is a bit of money.

Though sometimes women aren't worth the headache, comfortable familiarity is definitely worth it. But some men think that paying the same woman for company and sex does give them a sense of comfortability. Even if there are advantages to having a steady girlfriend or wife, why do men still want a business transaction for sex? When you ask different men about this, you find that there are many who would not pay for straight sex but on the other hand there are also many who think that paying for sex is much easier than having to woo a woman and still not be sure that they would end up having sex.

There are others who think that when they pay a woman for sex they can get exactly what they want and at the same time they know why the women will do everything they want. Some pay for sex because they do not have the time to date women a number of times before they can have sex with them, while some pay for sex because their wives have physically lost their attractiveness.

Whatever the reason that men prefer paying to have sex with a woman, there comes a time when they still feel quite alone after a while. Being loved by another human being cannot be compared to paying for sex. In the end it is this factor of being loved that makes for people pairing off and committing to each other.