Are You Giving Women Too Much Attention?

Is It Possible To Treat A Woman Too Good?

Women deserve to be loved, respected, and treated as equals. This is just common sense. Men have a responsibility to understand this fact, and put it into action in their daily life. Whether it's their mother, their sisters, their cousins, their friends, the women they meet in their day-to-day lives, or their wife or girlfriend, women deserve the best of a man's decency and kindness.

However, loving and respecting a woman is not the same as putting her needs and happiness at the constant expense of your own. It doesn't mean that rules that apply to you and others shouldn't apply to the women in your life. This is particularly true for wives and girlfriends. Putting women on pedestals doesn't do anyone any favors. It certainly isn't the foundation for a healthy relationship.

Why Women Should Not Be Put On Pedestals

Women should be treated with respect, but that doesn't mean putting them on a plateau that implies they're better than you by virtue of their gender. It is important to avoid this in all relationships with women. Whether it is someone in your family, or a significant other, or if you find yourself on the dating scene, the concept of pedestal power is one that should be avoided at all costs. It is one thing to be open to communication, compromise, and to the belief that women deserve the same things you have in life and in a relationship. It's another thing entirely to put those things above your own interests and needs at all times.

Some studies suggest that because men struggle more intensely at expressing their feelings than women typically do, the temptation is to simply repress the things that may be frustrating to them. It can become easier over time to decide that because it's difficult to express their feelings, it's simply easier to default to their partner's wants and needs. This can lead to resentment and bitterness, which can then create a host of destructive problems. This bitterness can then extend into an overall perception of women in general. At that point, changing habits and perceptions can become extremely difficult.

Keeping Women Away From The Pedestal

Establishing a mindset that avoids the temptation to put women on pedestals is not impossible. In order to have healthy relationships with women in your life, there are certain things that you should try to keep in mind at all times:

Women are human beings, too. While there's certainly nothing wrong with believing your wife or girlfriend or someone else has exceptional qualities, and while there is also nothing the matter with making them aware that you see these qualities in them, it's important to also have a sense of perspective about things. The fact of the matter is that women are human beings, too, and that means they have both good and bad points about them. Loving or caring for someone means being aware of their strengths, but it also means being aware of their imperfections.

Avoid the Madonna-Whore complex. This complex refers to the notion of treating all women as either pure saints or soulless, unfeeling whores. It completely skips the reality that women are far more complex than a singular term or mindset.

Women do not want to be better than you: There's a fine line between knowing you're a good person who deserves good things, and a person who truly believes they are above reproach. Most people do not want to be treated as though they are flawless. They simply want to be given the things in life that all of us deserve. Women are certainly no different.

You're a good person, too. Any woman you feel is deserving of happiness, respect, and success deserves those things because they are a human being. So are you. That's something you should never forget. Your needs, concerns, interests, and fears are just as important as anyone else's. Anyone you invite into your life, regardless of gender, should be able to appreciate that.

The women in your life deserve the best of what you are and have to offer as a human being, but so do men. This is something we need to strive to remember.