How To Hide Your Membership To An Adult Website

How to Delete your Usage History

Many of us have visited adult websites out of curiosity, but have found that most of them need a paid subscription to really get into them and really explore the site. Maybe you want to explore one of these sites but if you happen to be using a computer that is accessed by others, whether at home or at the work you may not want to leave traces of your having visited these websites. So can you subscribe to one of these sites and leave no trace that you are a subscriber? The simple answer is Yes, it can be done. However, are going to need to take precautions and make sure you cover your tracks.

The first thing to consider is your credit card. If you don't want anyone to know you have been visiting an adult website then you don't this charge showing on your credit card.  You solve this problem by buying a prepaid debit card to use for the adult site. This not only makes you anonymous to the site since you do not have to give them your personal details, but, you also don't have to worry about the charge showing on any of your shared credit card statements.

The next thing is your email address. Every adult site needs for you to submit to them your email address so they can verify you as well as send you emails. You may not want to use your regular email address for this purpose. There are quite a few sites on the internet that let you have an email address for free like and There are also paid email services you could use for this purpose.

The next thing that you could do is after visiting these adult sites erase the web history from your web browser. By doing this if anyone logs on to your  service providers account on the computer you use, there would be no trace left as to which sites you had visited.

Last but not least, do not download and save any content on the computer's hard drive. If you want to save anything from the site you should only save the downloads on to a removable device like a DVD or memory stick which you take out once the download is complete or uploading the content to a cloud storage service like msamazing for later viewing on any device. By doing this you will not leave any trace on the computer of having either visited an adult site or having downloaded content from an adult site. Besides you can always view whatever you have downloaded any time by inserting the dvd into the computer.

Keep in mind that you should use these tips to protect your privacy from nosy individuals not as a way to hide any illegal activities.