Why Do Men Save Pictures of Their Ex?

Some say out of respect for your new mate you should get rid of them, but most men keep stashes anyway.

Reasons Men Save Pictures Of Their Exes
All a woman has to do is find one little picture of their man's ex stored on the computer, in a box of his belongings or in that scrapbook on the closet shelf and they instantly begin to wonder if that man of their dreams is still harboring feelings for that women he once dated. While this may be a remote possible as about 12% of men do admit to still having some feelings for an ex, the majority of men keep pictures on an old ex or two for far different reasons. Here are a few of those reasons:

  • That women is a part of his history. Whether you like it or not, that women in the picture played a part in your man's history. He may be keeping that photo as a memory of when he was young and foolish, or because she happened to be there when he achieved some milestone in his life, that may or may not directly have involved her.
  • For some guys it's kept as a trophy and nothing more. Men like to reserve bragging rights of past female conquests. Nude pics serve as the ultimate proof to back any claims of what did or did not happen.
  • They may still be friends. Occasionally after a breakup both parties are able to continue on as friends and this may simply be the case especially if your ex has pictures of other friends as well. Sometimes, those lingering feelings towards someone have nothing to do with love or lust, but may just be simple liking.
  • To remind him he is better off today. As far fetched as it may seem, that man in your life may actually be keeping a picture of his old flame to remind himself how much better off he is with you. If an ex was everything he didn't want in a woman, he just might keep her picture around to remind himself of how foolish he had been in the past and how good he has it now.

Why Are Women So Insecure When They Find Pics of His Ex?

Chances are that most women have a picture or two of an old ex tucked away in a book, or a box in the attic. So why do they feel so insecure over the idea that their mate has a picture or two of an ex. After all unless you met that man while you were both still the playground you have to be mature enough to accept that there were other women in his past. As long as he treats you with love and affection, and isn't calling up that old girlfriend or emailing her on a regular basis you probably have nothing to worry about.

If you are worried about that picture, then ask him about it, but don't be accusatory as there really may be a very simple explanation and you don't want to ruin your current relationship over one that is long past and little more than memory.