Is Your Friend is Trying to Steal Your Man?

Warning Signs of the Man Stealing Friend

Friendships come in all shapes and sizes; there's the with you til the end friend, the I need something friend, and even the come in and out of your life friend that you know is always there even if you don't talk for months at a time. There is also the frenemy - the one you think is your friend, only to find out in the end that she was your complete enemy the whole time. This kind of friend has no problem trying to take your man, but there are some warning signs that can help you figure out her motives before she gets her claws in too deep.

She Asks Way too Many Questions

Women love to talk, and share almost anything. However, if your friend just gets way too pushy and starts asking questions about your man that no other friend would, you should be on alert. If your friend constantly barrages you with questions about your man that are really none of her business, you might want to start cracking down on the info you decide to share.

She Becomes the 3rd Wheel

Throughout life, there will be times when you have a single friend that just needs some company. This means you will invite her on some of you and your guy's outings to be nice, and so she isn't left at home to sulk about being single. This is completely normal, and every girl should expect to share in her outings on occasion. However, if your friend suddenly has to do everything with you and your guy, there might be trouble. If you find yourself planning clandestine meetings with your guy just to get some alone time without her tagging along, you just might have a man stealing friend in your midst.

Your Friend Seems to Have a Relationship with Your Man that Does Not Include You

Your boyfriend is yours, but you suddenly seem to be taking a back seat to plans that include your friend. If this is the case, your relationship could already be headed to splitsville. If your friend has developed a relationship with your guy, and the two seem to be spending a lot of time together, you need to get ready - especially if you always seem to find out about the things they do together well after they have done them. A true friend and boyfriend would make sure that you know where they go together, just to make sure it doesn't bother you.

Points Out his Flaws...Incessantly

Every relationship goes through some rough patches. You argue, get mad for a little bit, then make up - it's a completely normal part of being in a relationship. If your friend takes every argument you have as an open invitation to bash your guy, there could be a problem. If your friend goes out of her way to tell you just how bad your guy is, and even pushes you to break up, she just might be trying to get you out of the picture so she can have him.

Is Just Too Touchy, Close, or Interested

There is generally an unspoken set of rules that dictate how your friends should behave around your guy. If you friend just doesn't care, and she always gets a little too close, a little too touchy feely, or shows more interest in him than you do, she is definitely out to steal your man.

Top 15 Man Stealing Behaviors to Watch Out For

  1. Dresses way too sexy when she knows he will be around
  2. Waits on him hand and foot
  3. Butts you out of their conversations
  4. Wants all of his attention
  5. Tries to get him alone
  6. Cuts you down to him
  7. Wants to know what he likes in a girl
  8. Gets in his bubble constantly
  9. Stares at him
  10. Gets excited to see him
  11. Can't shut up about him
  12. Too touchy feely
  13. Flirts with him all the time
  14. Tries to get him alone
  15. Compliments him too much